Bruce the Lawyers


We do not claim to be the best criminal defence lawyers in Scotland, Glasgow or Lanarkshire as clearly that is a subjective matter but factually we are currently the biggest criminal firm in the West of Scotland and the 4th biggest in Scotland and we believe this is for very good reason. We have been established since 2002 and have 3 conveniently located offices in Glasgow (beside Glasgow Sheriff Court), Motherwell (at Motherwell Cross) and Airdrie (across from Airdrie Sheriff Court).

We have an experienced legal team of 9 Solicitors and a Consultant Solicitor Advocate and operate throughout Scotland in all types of criminal cases ranging from the least serious such as not wearing a seatbelt to the most serious such as murder.

We offer:

  1. Prompt advice and guidance on all criminal matters, 24 hours a day, if required;
  2. Fearless representation in all the criminal Courts throughout Scotland for all types of criminal Court cases (District, Sheriff and High Courts);
  3. Representation in Appeals, Bail Hearings, Prison and Parole Hearings as and when required;
  4. Advice and representation in all types of Road Traffic cases and the related Special Reason and Exceptional Hardship Proofs and Hearings on the Removal of Disqualification (see Road Traffic).

We undertake Legal Aid and privately funded work. We can be contacted 24 hours a day on any of the office numbers detailed on the contact page.